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Wearable sensor clothing for body movement measurement during physical activities in healthcare
Successful prosthetic rehabilitation and gait analysis of individual with bilateral transtibial ampu
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Effects of height and numberof jump on jumping mechanics
Biomechanical Analysis of the Jump Shot in Basketball
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Analysis of a jump-landing task between injured and uninjured adoloscent basketball players
Validity and reliability of POM-Checker in measuring shoulder range of motion
The effect of cannabis on upper limb dystonic tremor in patient with dyt1 dystonia: A case report
Motion capture: An evaluation of Kinect V2 body tracking for upper limb motion analysis
Measurement of upper limb range of motion using wearable sensors: A systematic review
Evaluation of shoulder stability in young and elderly subjects with helical axis technique
Estimation of Lower-Body Kinetics from Loading Profile and kinematics alone, without measured ground
Comparison of Landing Biomechanics Between Dancers and Team Sport Athletes via a BTS
3-Dimensional Biomechanical Comparison of Spinal Posture in Yoga practitioners and non-practitioners
Analysis of muscle activation patterns during walking in patients with foot drop: insights for the d