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DIERS formetric Publications (1977 - 2023)
Gluteus medius muscle strengthening exercise effects on medial longitudinal arch height in individua
Influence of Footwear on Posture and Comfort in Elite Rugby Players
Effects on posture by different neuromuscular afferent stimulations and proprioceptive insoles
Raster-stereographic evaluation of the effects of biomechanical foot orthoses in patients with scoli
Evaluation of a Novel Spine and Surface Topography System for Dynamic Spinal Curvature Analysis duri
Influence of non-traumatic thoracic and lumbar vertebral fractures on sagittal spine alignment asses
The influence of body mass index (BMI) on the reproducibility of surface topography measurements
The rasterstereographic dynamic analysis of posture in adolescents using a modified Matthiass test
Relationship between back posture and early orthodontic treatment in children
Evaluation of 3D vertebral and pelvic position by surface topography in asymptomatic females: presen
Assessment of Body Posture of Children With Chest Pain
The relationships of smartphone usage with spinal curvature and neck or shoulder pain in school chi
Scoliosis Deformity Reduction in Adults: Structural rehabilitation procedured incorporating the engi
Supervised and unsupervised learning to classify scoliosis and healthy subjects based on non-invasiv
Truncal Changes in Patients Suffering Severe Hip or knee Osteoarthritis_a Surface Topography Study
DiERS formetric (Spinal-Pelvic analysis) Publications Full List (492 papers)
Reliability of the DIERS Formetric 4D Spine Shape Parameters in Adults without Postural Deformities
Dynamic spinal posture and pelvic position analysis using a rasterstereographic device
Truncal changes in patients after total hip or knee arthroplasty: A surface topography study