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Effect of Weight-bearing Pattern and Calcaneal Taping on Heel Width and Plantar Pressure in Standing
Assessment of standing balance in normal versus cervical spondylotic myelopathy patients
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Effects of cervical mobilization and craniocervical flexion exercise on the dynamic balance and gait
Effects of a vestibular physiotherapy protocol on adults with intellectual disability in the prevent
Changes of postural stability according to ankle fixation in healthy subjects
The effects of sling exercise based with bobath concept on the balance of spastic diplegia cerebral
The Effects of Visual Biofeedback Information on Hyperextended Knee Control
Lateral symmetry of center of pressure during walking in patients with unilateral knee osteoarthriti
Acoustic-kinetic joint analysis: Synchronization and evaluation of kinetic measurement data in AEA
Standard reference values of weight and maximum pressure distribution in healthy adults aged 18–65 y
Analysis of Vertical Ground Reaction Force and COP during stair climbing