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Use of real-time multimodal sensory feedback home program improved backward stride and retention for
Behavioural and neuroplastic effects of a double-blind randomised controlled balance exercise trial
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Effect of short-term metro rhythmic stimulations on gait variability
Estimation of Gross Motor Functions in Children with Cerebral Palsy Using Zebris FDM-T Treadmill
The age-related decline in spatiotemporal gait characteristics is moderated by concerns of
Measuring Gait-Event-Related Brain Potentials (gERPs) during Instructed and Spontaneous Treadmill
Plantar Fasciitis Prevention Technique based on Data Aggregation from Computer Diagnostics
Concurrent validity of a commercial wireless trunk triaxial accelerometer system for gait analysis
Age-Related Changes in Mobility by the Timed Up and Go Test Instrumented through a Single Sensor
A Comparative Analysis of Shoes Designed for Subjects with Obesity Using a Single Inertial Sensor
Gait Parameters in Healthy Preschool and School Children Assessed Using Wireless Inertial Sensor
Agreement between the GAITRite® System and the Wearable Sensor BTS G-Walk® for measurement of gait