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The efficacy of exergaming in people with major neuro cognitive disorder residing in long-term care
Feasibility of Cognitive-Motor Exergames in Geriatric Inpatient Rehabilitation: A randomized control
Balance training monitoring and individual response during unstable vs. stable balance exergaming in
Effects of stepping exergames under stable versus unstable conditions on balance
Exergaming in a Moving Virtual World to Train Vestibular Functions and Gait
Benefits of Virtual Reality Balance Training for Patients With Parkinson Disease: Systematic Review,
Gamification as a Sustainable Source of Enjoyment During Balance and Gait Exercises
Exergames Inherently Contain Cognitive Elements as Indicated by Cortical Processing
The Effects of Virtual Reality on Upper Limb Function in Chronic Stroke Patients
The Effect of Virtual Reality Practice on Postural Control and Balance in Children