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Adaptations of Prefrontal Brain Activity, Executive Functions, and Gait in Healthy Elderly Following
Exergaming in Moving Virtual World to Train Vestibular Functions and Gait
Exergaming-Driven High-Intensity Interval Training in Untrained Community Dwelling Older Adults
Exergaming with Integrated head Turn Tasks Improves Compensatory Saccade Pattern in Some Patients wi
Design and Evaluation of User-Centered Exergames for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Feasibility and effects of cognitive-motor exergames on fall risk factors in typical and atypical Pa
Older adult's needs and requirements for a comprehensive exergame-based telerehabilitation system
Normative reference values for strength and flexibility of 1,000 children and adults
Preliminary rapport on head posture and muscle activity in subjects with class I and II
Does orthodontic treatment provide a real functional improvement? a case control study
Electromyographic activities of masticatory muscles in class III patients treated by facemask with m
Mandibular kinematics and masticatory muscles EMG in patients with short lasting TMD of mild-moderat
The influence of occlusion on masticatory performance and satisfacition in complete denture wearers
Electromyographic assessment of jaw muscles in patients with All-on-Four fixed implant-supported pro
Functional evaluation of implant supported prostheses
Effect of different dental articulating paper on sEMG activity during maximum clenching
Impact of functional appliances on muscle activity. A surface electromyography study in children
Variation of occlusal contacts and activity of masticatory muscles, in relation to increasing the ca
Wearable sensor clothing for body movement measurement during physical activities in healthcare
Successful prosthetic rehabilitation and gait analysis of individual with bilateral transtibial ampu